Kazusa Genome Project
Exploring the nature of organisms on the earth through the genome sequences

In 1994, the Kazusa DNA Research Institute began its journey as the world’s first specialized institution focused on DNA research. Since then, we have primarily been engaged in deciphering the genome sequences of various species, with a particular focus on plants. Genome sequences are the codes that shapes organisms manages life processesrves, and by analyzing genomes and unraveling the information obtained, we can aspire to unveil the mysteries of yet undiscovered organisms.

While the technologies related to genome sequence analysis continue to evolve on a daily basis, the number of species whose genome information has been sequened remains exceedingly small compared to the vast array of life forms on Earth. We actively incorporate cutting-edge genome analysis techniques, carefully considering methodologies suited to each individual species, as we undertake the challenge of deciphering the genomes of diverse organisms.